Friday, March 2, 2012

New Normal

Well, I think we are finally starting to settle into our "new normal". By that, I mean we are getting into a good routine. People can stop by without me flipping out (on the inside) because the house isn't clean. My brain is focused (somewhat).

Things around here have changed a lot!! Since we lost Parker, I have cleaned like a mad person. I never saw myself as a stress cleaner. I have always loved organizing my junk, but never really liked cleaning. However, we have cleaned and organized every room in the house including the attic.

We are finally back on track with school. I had horrible sickness when I was pregnant, so school got pushed back. Then we had Thanksgiving and Christmas and school was pushed back. Then our world was rocked and school was pushed back. But, we are finally back on schedule. We will have to do school during the summer and that is okay. This is one of the wonderful things about homeschooling. When life comes up, we can push it to another day. When it is 100 degrees this summer, we can catch up. Also, Ansley is only supposed to be in 3K. We did 3K last year and 4K this year. She should be reading independently by summer. She is doing such a good job. I am very proud of her!

Cole and I also learned that there is no reason to put off our dreams. Many times as parents, we have put ourselves on the back burner. We have said, "Oh, we will do it when the girls are bigger." But God gave us a wake-up call. We are not promised another day. He has taught us that life is short. So we are going ahead with a dream we have talked for a LONG time. We put our house on the market and decided to build our country dream. Why not? The house has never been cleaner! ;)

We are very excited about this process. We are excited about the lifestyle we will be able to share with our girls. We are excited about the things to come.  God has taught us so much! We are so glad to hear what he is teaching us!