Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Update!

I haven't blogged in, well, forever!! There are a few reasons for that! Morning sickness, homeschooling, babysitting, gluten free everything, and a trip to the hospital sums up what has happened for us the last few months. I hope to start my blog back, but I am not promising anything. :)

The girls are doing great! Ansley turned 5 last month and we visited some enchanting princesses that wonderful day! She was so excited she could hardly speak. Which, if you know Ansley, is a rare thing! Ansley is also learning to read and her handwriting is much improved over last year. But, her favorite subject is math. She learned to add and subtract before her birthday!! Classical Conversations has been wonderful for her speaking skills. Every week, she gives a presentation on a subject that interest her. I love that she is able to speak in front of her peers and their parents!

Charlotte is the same old spunky, sassy Charlotte!! She loves to keep us guessing! Over the summer, we spent a scary night in the hospital because she decided to go back in the pool after I had taken her swimmies off! I think she learned her lesson and I learned mine (swim lessons begin in January)!! She is smart as a whip! Nothing gets by her! And when you think she isn't listening, you better be careful what you say...she doesn't forget a thing! Her favorite thing to do now is count. When she gets to 99, she says "tenty-ten"! Just because she knows it is funny!

As for Cole and I, we are doing great!! Cole is a great daddy!! And I am super blessed to have him! Can you believe that he (with my mom and sister) threw me my first surprise birthday party?? I was shocked and humbled at the same time. How blessed can a girl be? I am getting bigger by the minute! George Cole is due to arrive sometime in mid-January. We are getting ready for that glorious day. He is a busy little guy!! He moves from about 8 am until around 10 pm! He seems to sleep at night these days! Lets stop and pray he continues that after he is born! All seems well when we visit the doctor and my appointments are now every 2 weeks! We can feel the end coming!

We are working on his nautically themed nursery! I can't wait to have all the pieces in place and start washing those baby clothes!! It is almost done! We lack a dresser and some decor things. I can see the end in site!

This time of year is very busy for us. The prep work has started in the kitchen already! I have already made the gluten free bread crumbs for Thanksgiving Dinner. And I am currently working on a gluten free vanilla wafer  If this is successful, it will rock our world! I am about half way done with Christmas shopping. We have had to make some decisions about what we would and would not include in our Christmas schedule this year. Some of those things are hard, but we are looking to have a healthy FULL TERM baby! No one wants to see their little go to the NICU, because they got so busy and forgot to care for themselves. Well, that is what ALMOST happened with Charlotte and we don't want a repeat performance.

I think that is about it! Stay tuned for more adventures in Grangerdom!