Friday, October 21, 2011

Beds that Cole Made

Did I tell you that my girls needed beds? Yeah, they were sleeping on the floor. Did they care? No way!! They were so excited to be sharing a room, they would have slept on the floor with a blanket. So here are the before pictures.

And the after pictures!

Did I tell you that Cole was awesome?
I am so proud!

I found all the bedding at Target. All the linens, wall art, and rug was less than $100! I was stoked!

We had not let the girls see the beds since we got started. So now for the big reveal!


Yes, I know Miss C has her finger up her nose. But look at Miss A's face!

They were so excited. They kept telling us "Thank you so much!"

She is impressed! Can't you tell?

That face of satisfaction is totally worth all the hard work!
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