Thursday, March 3, 2011

In Transition

Like many of you, we are always in a state of transition around here. This year we started doing a little preschool type stuff and well for a while I felt as though nothing was really sinking in. That was until yesterday. Charlotte, who is almost 2 now, starting singing the Leap Frog song (you know..."the A says aa. The A says aa. Every letter makes a sound. The A says aa."). The cool part is she didn't stop there. That little stinker sang all of the letters up to the letter K. Maybe it is the mommy in me, but I was totally impressed.

Which brings me to the title of this post, we are now in transition from baby-dom into toddler and preschool. I think this transition has hit me the hardest. Maybe because when Ansley transitions into a new stage, Charlotte is right behind her with all her baby cuteness. But, now Char is officially not a baby anymore :( Char not being a baby does make me sad (so I treat her like one as much as possible). But, I am super excited about the days we have ahead. The girls are growing leaps and bounds and Ansley is getting ready to start official "preschool". I am so blessed to be the mommy of two beautiful, smart, healthy, happy, crazy, loving, playful, girlie GIRLS!!

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