Thursday, April 7, 2011

Staying home

There are days that I am pretty sure I am going to lose my mind. The dog keeps barking, the little one I am watching is crying, both girls want to feed him his bottle, people knocking at the front door, two kids have "something" all over them, supper burning on the stove are things to make me think I am going to lose my mind. Yesterday was one of those days. Two people were going door to door selling cleaning stuff (if you don't look clean, what makes you think I am going to buy cleaning supplies from you? just saying). At the same time, that I was trying to rescue them from my viscous sounding dog, I had supper on the stove which was beginning to smell a little overcooked. My hero was running late and I started supper without him, b/c like many of you we have Wednesday night church and teacher's meetings to attend. I finally get the girls eating their dinner when Ansley spots the french fries that I "accidentally" left on the stove (at our house you can always get them to eat the food on their plates if there are french fries for dessert...they get that from their daddy). Anyways, while I am retrieving the fries I hear BAM!!! Followed by "the scream". When I turn around there is little Charlotte with her chair on its back and she is face down with blood running from her mouth. And the adrenalin starts pumping. After about 20 minutes of cleanup (and my momma and sister to assure me that she doesn't need to go to the hospital), Cole and I finally sit down to eat cold hamburgers and warm salad. Whoa! what a crazy hour. Amazingly we did make it to church! Those are the days you question exactly how many brain cells pregnancy killed. But then there are days like today. Today was a typical Thursday. We have two extra little bodies here and they were all excited. We went for a walk and literally played outside until lunch. The kids all played well together. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The baby took a long morning nap. And we all have sun-kissed cheeks. Daddy even made it home for lunch and we were able to sit down and enjoy hot hamburgers and cold salad. Right now the kids have full bellies, dirty feet, and smiles on their little sleepy faces. These are the days that I thank God for being able to stay at home and listen to the giggles and grunts, the singing and complaining, and the cries and laughs. I am truly blessed to be able to love on, talk to, read with, cry with, and teach my babies and the babies of some great friends. :)

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