Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father's day weekend (well pretty much every holiday weekend) has been a blur since Cole and I started dating. I know I am not the only one who splits time between families, but now that there are children, naps, special diets, out-of-towners, crazy family members, nieces, nephews, circus clowns, monsters, and the peanut gallery things get REALLY crazy!!
This holiday weekend was not all that different, but we did get to spend some wonderful time with Aunt Donna, Aunt Cayce, and the kiddos. It is so nice to have a neice and nephews who are all the same age. Now, when I say the same age, I mean 5 children three years old and under. Yeah it gets crazy and LOUD! And that doesn't even count the 3 older ones.
Most of the time we were all together at Cole's parents house. The house is old!
Really old.
I am pretty sure it is about 90 years old at least.
The house is apart of a working farm.
The farmers are his parents.
I think Cole's dad has lived about 75% of his life in that very house.
Do you think that is crazy?
I do!
People don't do that these days.

My Cole secretly wants to be a farmer. I can see him living that lifestyle until he is completely bald and I am completely gray (we may not be to far from that right now). :) We both love the idea of the simplicity of the farm. Hard work, lots of love, a some rain = food and love!
I, secretly (or maybe not so secretly), would love to have an old fashioned litter of children gathered around my large kitchen table. I am trying to get Cole on board with that. He keeps mentioning something about running out of room, diapers, sleeploss, bottles, strollers, and a bunch of other things. I don't remember all of those things with the girls.
Just the perfect little angel looking at me.
Yup! That is what I remember. :)
Being at the farm usually gives Cole a nice little refresher. I say "usually" because let's face it, his family lives there and boy are they all different! But, this weekend was good. He spent time fixing things (I can't even pretend to know what it was...something about a wagon and hundreds of pounds...I don't know), talking to his sis, worry about rain with his dad, and eating at his mom's kitchen table. Overall it was a great weekend.

Happy Father's Day, Daddyo! We love the you and the dreams you dream for us all! We can't wait for the next adventure in our story called life!

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