Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Day of School!

Well, according to Ansley, today is "tomorrow". That is what she asked this morning when I told her that we were starting school today.

See all week long I have been counting down the days until we get to start school. She has been so excited. Last night, I told her "tomorrow, we will be starting school". She was so excited. And this morning, she asked "Mommy, is today tomorrow?" Meaning "do we get to start today?"

I absolutely love her enthusiasm. She is a learner. I do believe she will be a lot like me, a collector of all types of useless information. My hubby, as well as, my daddy give me a hard time about this all the time. I love facts. They are fun! Most of the time they are useless facts, but I don't care.

Ansley is a lot like this.

This morning, my children actually slept in! If you know  my children you know that this is a miracle in itself. Normally, our day begins somewhere between 5 and 6 am with a child begging for chocolate milk. If I try to get up before them, they hear me!

Sadly, the TV is my friend this early in the morning. :( I swore I would not be one of THOSE parents.

But seriously, how can a child wake up going 100 mph with questions?

Thankfully, chocolate milk and Mickey Mouse keeps them entertained while I try to remember what my name is.

We finally had accomplished our Monday routine by 9 this morning and school began!

We all cuddled up on the couch and read story after story! I really think I am going to like Sonlight. I love that we are reading the Old English versions of Mother Goose. They make me stop and think. I love that the girlies will hear these poems. I think it will be great considering we memorize scripture from the KJV. Now they will be able to hear something else worded the same way their Bible is. (I will blog about why we memorize KJV another day).

After about 30 minutes of reading and discussing the topics we were done reading (Sonlight starts you off slow. After all it is preschool). Ansley was very upset about finishing so quickly. I had to assure her that tomorrow we would read some more and it would be a little bit longer. That seemed to help.

The best part was we were already learning new things. She has used a few new words already!!

We discussed "similar", "alike", and "different" today. And when we went for a walk after school she used some of those words comparing trees. AWESOME mom moment!

After our walk, we had snack. Then Charlotte settled down coloring a picture and drawing smiley faces (her favorite thing for you to do). Ansley and I started Prewriting Skills and Singapore Math. Wouldn't you know that we talked about "similar", "alike", and "different" again. :)

I do believe Ansley is going to love school. But I believe I am going to love teaching her more than she will ever know!

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