Thursday, August 18, 2011

The zoo!

A few months ago (yes, I said months) we finally took the girls to the zoo for the first time.

All week long we had been telling them about an exciting new place, but we wouldn't tell them where we were going. By the way, Ansley does NOT do well with this. These first few pictures are of the girls after we told them.
"The what?"

"Are we there yet?"
We were still in the parking lot!
"Seriously, you are finally taking me to the zoo?"
They were so excited. Ansley, literally, talked the entire way there. When we pulled in the parking lot, she looked at us with a very confused face and asked, "This is it?"

This was seriously the BEST trip to the zoo EVER! We saw things that I have never saw. Like, the tiger chasing its tail. Well, it was at least walking in circles before it laid down.
The tortisis came right up to us. Actually, a few of them did.

The elephants were extremely active. I am pretty sure we stood there about 15 minutes.
Ansley was amazed about how big they are.
She could care less.

The best Daddy ever!

Drinking water!


Yes, we were spot hogs for quite some time!

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