Thursday, August 18, 2011

The zoo! (part 2)

The girls were amazed at a bird that big. We told Ansley she could nap in that huge nest. She was ready to go check out the other animals after that. ;)

These next two pictures are for my Daddy. He wants a few of these for pets. Can't you see that? My Mom would flip.

Charlotte loved that the sloth was asleep in a crib! :)

Milking a cow!

Barn owls!

Ansley wants a bunny. What do you think the cats would say about that?

Ansley was looking at the snakes. She was slightly freaked out. Speaking of freaked out. While we were looking at these crazy lizards this one bearded lizard ran up to the glass and hissed at me. I, of course, screamed. Ansley fell over and Charlotte pooped. Yes, the amphibian exhibit was quite interesting.

This is what the happens when I ask the girls to pose with each other. Enjoy!



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